TikTok Bypass Google Policies Tracking Android Security using MAC Addresses

TikTok Bypass Google PoliciesTracking Android Security using MAC Addresses

Tiktok Bypass Google Policies Tracking Android Security using MAC Addresses

As we know about the latest updates for the Tiktok Android app from last Few Weeks, According to the Wall Street report states that the short video Sharing app is tracking android users with their MAC address. reportedly the app bypassed Google’s privacy safeguard to collect unique identifiers from Android devices to track millions of mobile users online.
Until the app didn't receive the update of November 2019,The Company had been collecting the information from android devices.

The data collecting from the MAC Address has been already banned on Apple and Google for a Year. Many companies were able to bypass google security Measures by identifying excuses.
Tiktok was considered among them who collected such data without the user's permission.

Tiktok Currently became the global issue and India is the first country that officially banned the app and the US is also following the same, The order has been passed by the US president last week that will be deleted from the Apple app store and google play store as well.

The US administration Claimed that the company is sharing the user data to the Chinese government and The parent company ByteDance could compromise the privacy of American citizens,Tiktok is continously denying about sharing data to the chinese government. 

The TikTok spokesperson said that the current version of its app doesn't collect MAC addresses. “Like our peers, we persistently update our app to keep up with evolving security challenges.

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